Our activities

Manena hostel’s staff has one big goal: travelers’ satisfaction. And since we’re the first people who love Genova and since we believe that hostel life means sharing everything, here there’s a list of the activities you all can enjoy at Manena Hostel.

Sharing time, sharing, experience, sharing feelings, among every traveler, friends and unknown people, coming from all over the world.

Have a quick read at the following details and don’t hesitate to get more info at the reception if you’re interested!

9:30 at the reception
(to be confirmed the day before)

Fill a form and get the your membership card for 1€.

Free tip. Give what you feel or what you can.

A unique experience, a trip with our non official guide Spyros, all the way through Genova’s alleys, to discover secrets, hidden beauty, fun facts, history, delicacies and vices… This fantastic tour guide has been taking around this unbelievable city thousands of people from all over the world since 2013!

It takes at least 3,5 hours walking around the alleys; remember comfortable shoes and ears wide open!

Please always ask for confirmation at the reception the day before. This tour is offered for both Manena Hostel and Victoria house & Genoa hostel

* Part of the membership costs are devolved to charity. In 2019 we contributed to Mediterranea mission to save people in Mediterranean sea.

Degustazione vinicola

Every Friday in the common room

Give your confirmation by friday at 18:00.

10 €

Here it is one of the must if you come to Italy! 5 different italian wines, tasted together with a sommelier who’s gonna explain you everything about that wine. And of course, every wine has its food match!

Manena hostel’s staff offers to every travelers this original wine & food tasting tour, dedicated to those who want to improve their wine knowledge and to those who don’t know anything about this fantastic world and would like to get in touch with italian wine tradition.

We are waiting for you… cheers!

Please always ask for confirmation at the reception the day before.

Cena sociale

Every wednesday in the common room

Give your confirmation by wednesday at 18:00.

6 €

You can’t miss Family dinner if you come to Manena Hostel. “But why?” You may ask.

Because Manena hostel is a family, a big family! Our staff will be glad to welcome you as a family member, preparing together some traditional food from their native country or, why not, trying to make something from Italian cuisine!

Please always ask for confirmation at the reception the day before.